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Oil on the Wing?

Posted by Johnny Mantell on June 18, 2013 at 2:35 PM

Another story of the World Class days is a little trust, a little naive, and a little “get home early!” You see Lubbock, Texas was one of the Long trips for the Dallas territory. If you wanted to fly in those days, even with Southwest Airlines opening up, the last flight out of Lubbock back to Dallas was like 9:50 pm. With an 8 o’clock bell time, it was tough to make that flight. So let’s say if Gene Lewis (The Mongol) & I drove to Love Field together, flew to Lubbock; then we both had to be on that 9:50 pm plane back to Love Field. SO if I wrestled early on the card, but Devastation Inc. was Semi Main, then we had to spend the night. If we drove even from Bowie, it was a 4 ½ to 5 hour drive each way! So Jimmy Garvin, who had his pilot license, came up with the great idea we could all chip in and rent a plane. Pay for fuel, fly in, work and fly back all in the same day. Hey, that’s a Great Idea!??

Well let’s talk about the parameters of the flight. We had to fly out of Red Bird Airport in South Dallas, which was about a 90 minute drive for Gene and I. Ok, we can do that, even though that meant we still had 3 hours of driving by the time we get home. Then putting the group together that will commit to flying. Well Jimmy, Sunshine, The Birds (Terry, Michael & Buddy), Gene, Link, myself would pretty much fill the plane. A good group and you know a good time is going to be had by all! There was some thought about food and beverages for the trip, entertainment well let’s say with this group there was no need booking a that.

We all met, got on the plane and Jimmy handled the take-off from Red Bird without a hitch. The landing in Lubbock was great and we had a great time on the way there. Now the promoter, Nick Roberts (“Baby Doll’s” Nickla Roberts Dad), had to make a couple of trips to get all of us to the building, and not give it all away that we all came together. The matches took place and now it came time to beat everyone else home. We all got burgers, snacks & drinks for the trip home. And the mood is Joyful, as you know we all were 10 ft. tall and bullet proof. Nothing can go wrong! We were happy, eating, drinking, cracking jokes and a way we go…

The flight again was awesome. Up off the ground to cruising height, Jimmy is flying so smooth and we are all having a Great time! I mean what’s better Good Friends, Good Times, Good Food and Getting Home Early… Hallelujah! And then the Big Bird, Terry Gordy says (in only that slow Southern draw Terry used) “Hey Jimmy is there supposed to be oil like stuff out there on the wing?” What? Well I don’t need to tell you that put a little Debbie Downer throughout the cabin of the plane. We all got up and looked at the obvious oil on the wing! WOW

Well we all made it back to our homes safe and sound. Jimmy handled it like a Pro with all his class and professionalism. He comforted all of us, as best he could, in spite of all the mind altering thoughts aboard! You know I look back and think about all of the bad things that could have happened but the friendship that was on that plane didn’t allow us to think that way. We were all booked the next day and the next, so we had to be there. We landed back at Red Bird, a few of us kissed the ground, and we all hugged Jimmy and said “Let’s do that again! Minus the Oil!” And we did….




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