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Winter in MS woes...

Posted by Johnny Mantell on July 3, 2013 at 5:40 PM

My life in this business has been fun, exciting, dangerous and sad, but it has been and continues to be Rewarding!

Today my story is from my Mississippi days with George & Gil Culkin. It starts the Summer of 1978. What a crew we had; Frankie Cain, Oki Shikina, Terry Gordy, Jody Rossi, Pork Chops Cash, Tom Jones, and cast of other characters. One of our regular shows was in an Armory in Greenville, MS. This building had a large room for the ring and audience, and a large room for dressing room with two doors in and out of it. The building had only one set of restrooms, and to get to them from the dressing room you had to walk through the crowd of people. Now if you had to us the restroom and waited till the building was full, you would leave the dressing room, walk around the outside of the chairs and by the time you got to the restroom there would be an entourage following you and a paparazzi like crew ready to watch!

Now I’m not shuffling the heat but I don’t really know which came first, the idea of pee’ing somewhere else on those hot summer nights, or the hole in the floor in the dressing room. Little did I realize or did anyone else, at the time, that this hole was part of the heating system / duct work for the building. You know I say this but it was summer and maybe those that I was following knew it took care of our little problem today and it would be a while before it was discovered!!

Well Winter arrived. Someone had to check the heat in the building. Now June, July and August in Mississippi will make anything spoil. So just imagine urine sitting for months in a metal duct in the ground, then to turn that system on forces those fumes out with forced air. Whatever the day was when the caretakers of the Armory found this problem, Mr. George Culkin got a call. They said the building was not usable for some time due to the stench. Boy did ALL OF US in the dressing room that night get a Butt Chewing!!

I know we moved to a Skating Rink in Greenville right after that. I hope we didn’t get Mr. Culkin in any Big Trouble!!

Urine know what I mean???

Sorry George & Gil but it wasn’t just me!



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