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Talk about RIibs....

Posted by Johnny Mantell on July 24, 2013 at 8:15 PM

Let’s talk about Ribs… Not the kind we eat, although that kind rib has been used for this kind of Fun! Of course, I have pulled a rib on a few people and today’s story is one on Dr. Tom Pritchard; He’s definitely not a Dr. of Horticulture…

Now this little story takes place just outside of Los Angeles, the LA territory in 1980 where I was wrestling as The Hood. I had not yet moved to Texas so our home place was intact, the original Lusk Ranch. I lived in what is known today as Chino Hills on a 6 acre place that was very homie! I tried to invite the boys over as often as I could since I lived at home and most guys were living in apartments. My family always wanted to give the guys that were by themselves and away from family a good home cooked meal and fellowship.

In Los Angeles we worked 6 days a week every week and 7 days most weeks, so a day off was well deserved. This particular day off was a barbecue and Tom was excited about coming “out to the country”. The food was great, the fellowship even better. We both learned things about each other that I think even made our work in the ring better. But by the end of the day the weather turned to rain. Tom then informed me that his windshield wipers did not work. I offered for him to spend the night but I believe he had a pet to attend to back at his apartment. Now my house was about 45 min. to the Olympic (the Main bldg. we worked) and since we worked there Wed. and Fridays, most guys stayed within 15 to 30 minute from there. Tom said it would be about an hour to drive home and he could wait for a break in the rain.

I told him that there was an “old trick” that he could do so he could get home if he just had too. Well he jumped right on it! I told him that he if he took Lemons, cut them in half and rubbed them all over the glass of his car; the rain water would bead up and roll off so he could see to get home. He thought that sounded like a great idea. Even better that there was a store just about 2 miles from my house; he could fix the problem before he got on the highway to go home.

So we said our Goodbyes and Tom headed off. Well so did I, about a minute or 2 after him so I could watch him “lemonize” his car! You see I told him it would take at least 15-20 lemons to fix his car up just right for the ride home. When I parked across the street from the store, Tom was coming out with a big bag of Lemons. 1 by 1 Tom preceded to cut the Lemons in ½ and rub them on his car; the windshield, the back window, the passenger windows, the drivers windows and even the side mirrors. Now you know I am laughing my A$$ off watching all of this. He finishes up and puts the bag of lemons in his car and off he goes… I go back home thinking “Now that’s funny!!”

The next day we meet up in the dressing room, I ask him if he got home OK? He then told me that the lemon trick for rain didn’t work very good and he had to drive with his head out his driver’s window most of the time to see to get home. So I asked him if he got Florida lemons or California lemons? He said he didn’t know, just the kind from the store, he didn’t know there was a difference. I told him “O’ yeah there is. The air (smog) is different in each state, so when you’re in CA, you have to get CA lemons. They are the only ones that will work.” So I am sure that the next time he had this problem he asked for California lemons unless that situation didn’t happen again till he was in Florida and then I hope he bought Florida lemons!!

Sorry Tom, had to tell the tale!! God Bless.



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