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High vs Low / Veteran vs Rookie

Posted by Johnny Mantell on August 16, 2013 at 12:00 AM

As I get ready to travel to California for my brother’s 50th Wedding Anniversary, I’m going to get to see a young man that my friend Red Bastien introduced me to back in 1979 and I’m still proud to call him my friend to this day; Seeing Steve Pardee after all of these years will be out of this World!!

So today in celebration of going to get to spend a few days with a dear friend I’m going to tell a story of Steve from back in the Portland Territory days. We had 1 overnight trip in this territory and it was to Roseburg and Medford, OR. We always seemed to drive down, wrestle, drive to the next town, and spend the night, wrestle there and then drive back home. In those days Stan Staziak had a van so we would load up as many as we could and set off on our Road Trip.

On this one particular Road Trip, I believe it was Stan, Roddy Piper, Iceman, Steve Pardee and I. We had a great time but the ride back to Portland is where the story gets pretty good… You see a van full of testosterone causes competition!! Well a deck of cards was all that was needed for just such a Testosterone Filled Competition. You see that Deck could create a game of Poker or Black Jack but those games weren’t hands on enough for us, so we decide that Piper and Pardee are going to draw cards and low card gets Thumped on the forehead by the high card hand. Now this trip home is 250 miles so someone is going to have a horribly red forehead by the time we get home. They start to play and Steve decides that the cards should be handled by uninvolved hands as Steve and Roddy are watching each other handle the cards, each one thinking one was taking advantage of the other!

Roddy had really worked out with me quite a bit and gave me the “office” to control the cards; so they agreed that I would be in control of the cards. I would shuffle them after each person would pick their draw. The Loser would draw first each time so after each draw I would shuffle again and make sure that there was a King or Ace on the bottom of the deck.

So now that I had control of the deck, let the competition begin. If Steve’s card was a 5 or under I just drew a card for Roddy; if Steve drew a 6 or up, I used the card off the Bottom I was holding. You see Steve didn’t win much and the thumps started to add up especially when they went from sitting next to each other giving thumps to taking a step or two to deliver the thump.

We all had a good time and I hope that Steve remembers that story and appreciates the veteran and the rookie education that was often a part of wrestlers’ everyday life in those days!

God Bless, CJM


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