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2014 Red Bastien's 

TX Shoot Out

A great time was had by the close to 200 in attendance on this spectacular Saturday afternoon in February. 

Men and women in the business came in from all over the State of Texas and Oklahoma, we even had some in from Louisiana, Georgia, California and Arizona. All to enjoy the afternoon, reliving our "good ole days" traveling the wrestling highways, sharing stories from the ring with workers of today and greeting old friends and making new ones. We also take time during the afternoon to remember those who have left the Earth and gone on the Squared Circle in the Sky, especially our founder Flyin' Red Bastien. 

Each year we also have a limited number of commemorative shirts and hats made for the event. They are sold at the event to help raise funds to send to the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame (PWHF) in the name of Red's  TX Shoot Out. This year we have several left and we are making them available to the public! Be one of only 100 people that can say you own an exclusive 2014 Red's TX Shoot Out shirt or commemorative hat, the shirts are tan with a custom logo for the event with the likeness of Red Bastien, Gary Hart & Bruiser Brody on the front, a complete list of the 2014 PWHF Inductees and sleeve logos each side. 100% of the proceeds of the sale of the remainder of the shirts & hats will be awarded to the PWHF during the Annual Induction Weekend, May 16-17 in Amsterdam, NY. 

ORDER YOUR One of a Kind Commemorative Shirt &/or Hat TODAY...

2014 TX Shoot Out Shirt (L-XXL)   $20 plus $4.95 s/h 

2014 TX Shoot Out Hat (embroidered white or tan)     $20 plus $4.95 s/h

2014 Red Bastien's TX Shoot Out official shirt design, Thanks to Custom Logo USA.

Own one just like Tugboat Taylor, shown above at the Shoot Out with Cowboy Johnny Mantell & Tygress Lourdes.

Thank you ordering 2014 TX Shoot Out shirt & / or hat with the proceeds donated to the PWHF!
Your shirt & / or hat will be shipped as soon as payment as been determined. We can accept check or money order or PAYPAL at [email protected]
If you have any questoins, please call 940-872-2201 anytime.
Thank you again for supporting the TX Shoot Out and the PWHF.
~CJM & Tygress
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Thank you to Chief Darrell Allen, Kathy Wooley, Mayor Elizabeth Nelson and ALL the Marlin Police & Fire Departments for everything they do for their National Night Out Program each and every year!!! 

Again we had a full pavilion for the matches; citizens of Marlin and surrounding communities, both young and old, mingling with the Police Chief (even getting Chief in on signing autographs during the 2nd intermission) and all the other Police, Fire and City Staff! We always enjoy seeing and helping to bridge the interaction between the two.... and providing great matches as the bridge!! We would like to also Thank Brian Birkes, who comes out each year and offers his services as our amazing Announcer! 

Check back on the Events page soon for the show results, copy of the program from the show and more action photos from our Fabulous event photographer, Staci Brown, 3B Photography! 


Another GREAT National Night Out in Marlin Oct. 1st

Show Results:

Skitzo VS. Tejano Kidd - they went an amazing 10 minutes, fast, flying action, right down to the wire. Tejano Kidd and Skitzo rolled each other back and forth the last minute or so but time ran out, leaving No Winner for our first match! But Marlin Crowd Favorite Tejano Kidd just knows he had Skitzo beat so he has already asked for a re-match as soon as possible!

El Coyote (filling in for his "mentor" Hector Montoya) VS. Youthful Sensation, Barrett Brown  -  this one caught everyone, including me, off guard. Expecting Hector Montoya to show up for his match but apparently a personal matter occurred so he sent his young protege in his place! El Coyote may be young in the ring, as is Barrett, but you could tell they both have quite a bit of knowledge and ring skill. 

Wild West Wrestling & Johnny Mantell were called to help organize Wrestling for the City of Marlin's National Night Out for the 3rd year in a row! We are so EXCITED to be able to join Chief Allen, the Mayor and all the wonderful Officers and Employees for the City of Marlin in offering a free, family-friendly night out. 

At the 3rd Annual City of Marlin's National Night Out Super Card of Wrestling, Bell-time 6 pm Tuesday, OCT 1st. 

 So hopefully we will be able to "settle the score" between Hambone Lee & Carson with Barbie Hayden at his side! There will be 5 exciting matches with the Main Event a Tag Match with last years Show Stoppers, Houston Carson with Barbie Hayden (Happy Birthday!) & Jasper Davis VS Hambone Lee & Big Dogg. The Semi Main will pit past partners against one another, Tim Storm VS Apocolypse; other singles will include The Modern Day Hero Kevin Douglas VS Manimal; The Youthful Sensation Barrett Brown VS The Heart of Wrestling Hector Montoya; and The Tejano Kidd VS Skitzo!

This will be another Amazing night for the NATIONAL NIGHT OUT for the CITY OF MARLIN, TX. This is a FREE Show and Event for the Citizens of Marlin and all the surrounding areas. Come out learn about services available, have a hot dog and Enjoy a Super Wrestling Card at the City of Marlin Park Pavilion at 6pm Bell time Tuesday, October 1st for the State of Texas' National Night Out!! 

For MORE information about the City of Marlin, TX, National Night Out or to help out the Police Department with donations of any kind, visit their Website

Proof "caught by the WWW Official Photographer, Staci Brown, that it was not the fault of "ex" Marlin PD Officer Amber Howell that cost Jasper Davis the win, but Hambone, with quite A Lot of help from Barbie. Plus a little "extra" hold from Carson. 

Hambone and Jasper will team up to settle the score with Carson. For Hambone it started "All for the Love of Barbie" and Celebrating her Birthday but NOW it's to show the Citizen's of Marlin that the "Boss of the Stix" and the "Name that Entertain's" can walk out the winners!

Marlin City Park, Marlin, TX

City of Marlin, TX National Night Out Event starts at 5pm, Bell Time 6pm

Contact the City of Marlin for all show, sponsor and Vendor information at 254-883-3255



The Modern Day Hero, Kevin Douglas, surrounded by the crowds from the 2011 National Night Out event after winning his match vs. Carson! 

This year, the Modern Day Hero, will get a Title shot at the True Indy World Championship Belt vs. the Champ, TIm Storm, in the MAIN EVENT Match! Don't miss these two amazing, athletic competitors. 

   For the Second year in a row, Wild West Wrestling Production is proud to be working with the Chief Darrell Allen & the City of Marlin Police Dept. to bring the Best of Professional Wrestling back to the City of Marlin Park Pavilion on Tuesday, Oct. 2nd at 6:30pm for NATIONAL NIGHT OUT II. This is a FREE show presented to the Citizens of Marlin and the surrounding Communities as Fundraiser for the Police Department and to bring all of the Neighbors out for a Exciting Night of Community, Entertainment and WRESTLING!!! 

 Information about the show / National Night Out event or to become involved with the event as a Sponsor, advertise in the Program that is given to every attendee or more, contact Kathy Wooley or Officer Amber Howell at 254-883-9255. If you are in the community or surrounding areas and know of any media (newspaper, radio, tv, etc) that would be of help getting the Word out, please email that information to [email protected] or call Johnny Mantell at 940-872-2201! 

The OFFICIAL Poster for the City of Marlin's NATIONAL NIGHT OUT II - Tuesday, October 2nd at the City of Marlin Park Pavilion, Bell-time 6:30pm.

Please contact the City of Marlin for more information about this FREE event to bring the Citizens of Marlin, TX and the Surrounding communities together for a amazing night of true Athletic Competion. 

Watch for more information about each Match, as the event date nears, in the Marlin Democrat & the Rosebud News, as well as other Media/News/Radio programs around the area.

Check out the Slideshow below of pics from last years amazing night of Matches! 

  • Barbie & Carson in "discussion" as Hambone had just professed his "love" for Barbie!
    Barbie & Carson in "discussion" as Hambone had just professed his "love" for Barbie!
  • 2nd generation TX wrestler, Chaz Taylor, who will making his Marlin debut 10/02/2012
    2nd generation TX wrestler, Chaz Taylor, who will making his Marlin debut 10/02/2012
  • True Indy World Champion, Tim Storm entering the building for the 2011 Main Event Match vs. Tokyo Monster Kahagas
    True Indy World Champion, Tim Storm entering the building for the 2011 Main Event Match vs. Tokyo Monster Kahagas
  • Chief Darrell Allen, welcomes the crowd to the 2011 NNO show & introduces the amazing Police Officers to help make it possible!
    Chief Darrell Allen, welcomes the crowd to the 2011 NNO show & introduces the amazing Police Officers to help make it possible!
  • the Tejano Kidd dances with the crowd following his & Barrett Browns tag-tema winn.
    the Tejano Kidd dances with the crowd following his & Barrett Browns tag-tema winn.
  • It's Professional Wrestling!
    It's Professional Wrestling!
  • The Modern Day Hero entering the ring area to the delight of all of his Marlin fans....
    The Modern Day Hero entering the ring area to the delight of all of his Marlin fans....

From the Marlin Police Dept about the 2011 National Night Out Event...

Dear Wild West Wreslting & Cowboy Johnny Mantell ~ 

"The total raised was close to $3000.00 for the National Night Out wrestling show on Oct. 4th. For this area that is huge.... This is a very very poor community. I have had so much positive feedback about your show. People are asking if y'all are on TV and continuously say you should be. Many have stated how your show brought back memories of reunion arena. I've heard so many stories and comments saying "that was real wrestling and what wrestling should be". If we hadn't made a dime it would have still been worth it.... The response from the community has been unreal. The people love you and want more. We will definitely be having you back. I spread the news that Kevin Douglas won his match and will be bringing the belt home to Texas.... I get asked on a daily basis by the kids how Kevin Douglas, TK, Mad Dog, and Storm are doing. I don't think I can properly express how much these guys are loved by their new fans here in Marlin.... Their names are on book covers, back packs , written on arms, jeans, it's just unreal! They is no doubt they are loved! Many have said they are better than the wrestling on TV. ..... You promised a good show and delivered true talent and the best show in the industry!"
Thank you again,


RESULTS ~ Marlin National Night Out 2011!

The City of Marlin, TX, Police & Fire Department put on a superb Family Night in their City Park. It was a great night, wonderful weather and a tremendous turn-out from the community in support for their First Responders. We hope they raised lots of money to help purchase Bullet Proof Vests for their department. (We will post the final results of donations as soon as they send it in!)

This night started off as Chief Darrell Allen and Officer Amber Howell, who organized the event, welcomed the citizens and introduced the Police Officers and other dignitaries from Fall County.

Our special Ring Announcer, local DJ Bryan, started the night off with instructions for the crowd, then announced that we wanted to tell Barbi Hayden a Belated Happy Birthday from everyone! At that time,   Hambone Lee, came out with a Birthday Cake, that he said was for Barbi! But since Barbi had not arrived at the venue yet, he left the cake at the Merchandise Area and went back to the locker room with his head held low....


The first match of the night was a Tag Team Captain's Match between Gunner Will Hitch and The Youthful Sensation Barrett Brown.The match went back and forth for a short time before Barrett's youthful cockiness got the better of him and Gunner Hitch was able to catch him by surprise and pin him; the crowd says Hitch had his feet on the bottom rope but Barrett doesn't seem to be able to convince Ref. Bling Bling Miller!





The second match of the evening - Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner - The Hillbilly Championship of Marlin pitted Duke Hazzard vs. Hambone Lee. Hambone Lee had already been through the crowd early carrying the Birthday cake that he made for Barbi. Hambone had a few good moves through the match but couldn't seem to get the upper hand; especially when Barbi came out to the

ring, with Ken following her, to find out who was so sweet and brought her a cake! Ken was not too happy about it which started a altercation between him & Barbi. Hambone was distracted for a few moments after seeing Barbi at ringside, when he was Duke Hazzard snuck up behind him and rolled him right up! 1-2-3 ~ Referee Bump Caldwell announced Duke Hazzard the new Hillbilly Champion and awarded him with the Golden Horseshoe Necklace, orginally worn by Hillbilly Cousin Luke. Duke will defend his Title against Cletis Hatfield at the Showdown in Knox City on October 15th.







  There was a short intermission between the 2nd & 3rd Matches where the True Indy World Champion Tim Storm and Ken Carson with Barbi came to the Merchandise Area to sign autographs for the 100's of fans. A few minutes into the intermission, Hambone Lee came out ,wearing a Princess Birthday Hat and blowing a horn, to give Barbi a Ribbon that said "Birthday Princess". Ken was not happy about this at all. So to confirm there would be no further altercation during the rest of the Autograph time, since Hambone stayed out to sign, two Marlin Police Officers were asked to stand between the two.

 The Tag Team Match was the third on the Card pitting Gunner Will Hitch and Mad Dogg vs. the Tejano Kid and the Youthful Sensation Barrett Brown. Both HItch and Barrett had left a lot on the mat during the Captain's Match but now had their partners there to back them up! This was a wild match where HItch & Mad Dogg tried to keep the young Barrett away from his corner hoping to take advantage of him again to get another Win. But they didn't take in to consideration the experience he has had as well as the tenacity of his Partner, the Tejano Kid. When the tag was made, the Kid came into the ring with a vengence. Even though Hitch & Dogg might have been bigger, they were not better at the end of this match. The crowd went insane when the bell rang with Barrett & Tejano Kid's hands raised. They were swarmed after leaving the ring; we had to send a few officers & Bump into the crowd to help them back to the locker rooms.

 The Modern Day Hero (MDH) Kevin Douglas (who has of the time of this publication, is now the new NWA Jr. Heavyweight Title holder) and Ken Carson with Barbi Hayden at his side were the Semi-Main event match of the night. Barbi came to the ring wearing the Birthday ribbon that was given to her by Hambone earlier in the night. MDH & Ken have wrestled a few times before and everytime the matches seem to build and build. Tonight's match had to be the peak of the mountain. The fans were standing on their feet, some even in their chairs, the entire match. The ooh's, aahh's & screaming were mind blowing. When all of a sudden out comes Hambone passing out pieces of Barbi's BDay cake from a platter. Barbi & Hambone meet eye to eye as Ken catches Hambone at ringside. Of course Kevin takes advantage of the distraction and rolls Ken up, 1-2-3! Kevin rolls out and is immediately surrounded by the crowds. Again, thank you to the Marlin PD for helping Kevin back to the locker rooms.

    Our second Intermission was pretty much uneventful compared to the first one. Kevin Douglas, Barrett Brown, Tejano Kid & Duke Hazzard all came out to take pictures and sign autographs for the fans. We also auctioned off a few of the 11x17 posters from the event, that were signed by all the wrestlers from the night!

    MAIN EVENT match up - the much anticipated Re-Match of the GWT Main Event for the True Indy World Championship Title between Champion Tim Storm and the Tokyo Monster Kahagus (Ka-HEY-Gus). Tokyo Monster Kahagas (TMK) from Japan, is normally managed by Rico Casanova, who unfortunetly could not make the show. Since the Tokyo Monster must have a manager in the United States, Cowboy Johnny Mantell agreed to be his manager for the evening; Mantell walked TMK to the ring wearing a loud purple Hawaiian shirt, his signature Cowboy hat wrapped with a Japanese flag.

The GWT Main Event match was a superior show of athletism and sportsmanship but this match was EPIC! Storm & TMK went toe to toe, leaving everything on the mat. Storm seemed to get a second wind, when they were out on the floor, TMK took his kendo stick from Mantell and tried to hit Storm across the head. TMK grazed Storm's head but cracked the stick on the ring post. Mantell was not too happy about the stick which seem to get him involved more. Storm was getting the better of TMK, when during one mayleah the Refere Bling Bling Miller was caught in the corner and knocked down. Mantell took this opportunity to try to help TMK secure the Title by crawling through the ropes and hitting Storm over the head with TMK's kendo stick, knocking him down. But even after everything, Storm prevailed, retaining the Title. So STORM is Still the TRUE INDY WORLD CHAMPION.

The 1st ever Indy World Champion has been crowned...

The 1st ever GWT Champion has been Crowned ~ TIM STORM was selected by the Legendary Judges after wrestling through the 32-Man Bracket and beating the Tokyo Monster Kahagas who is accompanied at all times by his Manager, Rico Casanova, from Florida. Legendary Judges that were present throughout the Bracket on Sunday and the Championship match were Harley Race, Mando Guerrero, Tugboat Taylor, Iceman King Parsons, Col. Buck Robley, WCW's Awesome Kong, Chris Youngblood, Head Ref. James Beard and Japan's NOAH, GM Ryu Nakada. According to the Judges, it could have gone either way, both wrestlers have tremendous Talent and work hard. Going into Sunday's 32-Man Bracket, the Tokyo Monster Kahagas had a Bye in the 1st Round with the most highest overall score. Tim Storm continued to improve his skills and showed his experience throughout each round until the ulitimate match between him & the Tokyo Monster Kahagas.

Other Legendary Judges that were able to attend over the weekend were Stan Hansen, Jake Roberts, Killer Karl Kox, and Chavo Guerrero, Sr.Unfortunetly, Booker, Bob Orton, Jr. and Terry Funk, who were all coming in on Sunday, were unable to attend due to the horrible weather conditions.

Tokyo Monster Kahagas, 8 Time World Champion Harley Race, 1st Germanfest Wringenmeistershaft Champion (GWT) Indy World Champion, Tim Storm.

Tim Storm was immediately awarded the Championship Belt (created by Randy Jackson and his team at Top Rope Belt, Lexington, NC) - This Belt is a One of a Kind, will never be reduplicated, the No. 1 Champion. He also recieved a year supply of CINCH Jeans (12 pair) & other products, as well as being presented a plague as the 1st ever GWT True Indy World Champion at the Pro-Wrestling Hall of Fame 2011 Induction Ceremony, May 20-21, in Amsterdam, NY. Plus MANY other opportunities await Tim as the True Indy World Champion!

Congratulations TIM!

ALL of the Participants, Referees, Judges and Volunteers are all Champions for making it through the entire weekend, going from Sunny & 80 on Saturday to Rain & Cold throughout Sunday! This could not have happened without ALL of you! An amazing time was had by all!!

The ELITE 8 Matches were as follows:

Tokyo Monster Kahagas vs. Chaz Taylor

J-Rocc vs. Kevin Douglas

Jason Jones vs. Exile

Jeremy Young vs. Tim Storm

SUPER 4 Matches:

Tokyo Monster Kahagas vs. Kevin Douglas

Jason Jones vs. Tim Storm

A Commemorative Program from the GWT along with a Special Insert with a Photo and complete Bio of the GWT Champion IS available. Plus a CD of pictures from the GWT is available from the Official GWT Photographer, Staci Brown of 3B Photography.

Check back soon for details on the next True Independent World Championship Tournament!

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