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Everyone knows that a Wrestling Match has to have a Referee; a good referee is the 3rd man in the ring. A good one knows how to stay out of the way & make everything better; a great one will help you out when needed, keep you on time, etc. and a bad one will be in your way & screw everything up. You always want a good, if not great, Referee in the ring with you.

Our Head-Referee-In Charge, James Beard, who by the way is a Great Referee, will oversee the many referees needed for this Tournament, with the help of a few Assistant Referees.

Assistant Referees

James can't do this alone.... He will be assisted by a few great referees from around the area. These great guys will be acknowledged here as we get there promo pics & info in...


"Bling Bling"











Ric Manning

Ric Manning has been a referee for over 33 years.

He began his career training under David Manning in the Global Wrestling Federation at the Will Rogers Coliseum..


He has worked with such greats as The Undertaker, Johnny Mantell, Jake the Snake Roberts, Roddy Piper, The Von Erichs, Gentleman Chris Adams, Ice Man King Parsons, Wild Bill Erwin, Hollywood John Tatum, Rod Price, Killer Tim Brooks and Gary Hart, as well as other big stars that came through the Metroplex.


Two of his favorite times in the ring were both at the world famous Sportatorium.

The first one was the match as the referee at the Kerry Von Erich memorial. The second one, and perhaps his most famous, was his role as referee in the Walker Texas Ranger “Crusader” episode, where he worked with Roddy Piper and Rod Price.


Ric is still active today working for NAWA, NWA Southwest and other local organizations. He has been married for 17 years and lives in the Fort Worth area.


Speed Bump


Mike (Speedbump) Caldwell. Has been in the business for over 28 years and has worked for many organizations. He has worked with many greats such as Johnny Mantel, Tim Brooks and Skandar Akbar And many more.


as Voted by all the Participants of the GWT!


Chuck Rankin - Amarillo, TX

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